Emoji Story – Week 4 Task

A happy husband and wife had a baby girl together her name is Amy, when she had her third birthday her mother and father got a  divorce and Amy’s mother took Amy with her she was so little that she didn’t really remember her father.Then one day Amy is 13 now her and her mother got into a car crash .Amy was okay but, her mother wasn’t  she pasted away so Amy’s father came to the hospital to get Amy and take her to his house.When Amy got their she went inside her dad made something to eat. They went to bed, they got awoken up by baby geese and, Amy ran out of the house to help them she took them inside and feed them.They started to fallow her everywhere she went eventually her father and her began to think that the geese followed Amy because since they saw her first they thought that she was their mother and they have thought that since then.